Saturday, 21 May 2011

The cult of Nespresso

It all started with the smell.

Then the taste - rich, deep, almost nutty with a bitter lingering. The frothy milk sticking to the corners of my mouth - a dusty footprint from the delicious coffee that I had just sunk. I was at my friend Holly's house - having a natter, balancing a baby on one knee, watching Sproglet out of the corner of one eye and enjoying the end of day sunshine spilling in through their open patio doors. She made me a cup of coffee but it was unlike any other I have tasted. Forget it Starbucks - this was heaven. I was hooked. She showed me her sexy little Nespresso machine and announced she had another one - some delivery fluke - and offered to sell it to me. Before I knew what I was saying I had agreed to the machine and it's companion - an aeroccino kettle type thing that whisks up your milk into a bubbly cappuccino or a hot long latte.

She dropped it round the next day and I unwrapped my latest toy. It was magnificent. Replete with a folder telling me all about the lovely little capsules containing fine coffee - like a chocolate selection box, but sexier. I can't buy these little beauties in Waitrose or Sainsburies - oh no, to get me hands on some pure caffeine - I need to join the 'Nespresso club' - and order on line. It feels like a secret society - only terribly middle class coffee aficionados can join. I love it. Do I have ten of the Ristrettos or 5 of the Romas? Who knows what they all taste like? Not me - I've only had 3 coffees today - still another 13 to taste from the Grand Cru selection! Yes I am wired - so thank god for the de-cafs. Husband loves it. It is so simple - just fill up the water jug, pop in your capsule, plunk down the lid and press a button. Whhhirrrr. 1 minute to a coffee high. In your PJs - don't have to step anywhere near Costa... It is my favouritest gadget since my best mate gave me a rampant rabbit (back in the days when I had time to use one).

Can't wait to bust it out when the ladies come a callin' for my strawberry tea thingy in 3 weeks. Planning cupcakes, a carrot cake (with more frosting than carrot natch), chocolate fudge cake, strawberry cream cake, bunting, pimms, champers, floating candles, fairy lights and all things pretty and my fab new Nespresso to give us all a jolt when we've sunk too many Pimms. It feels like I have discovered a whole new mysterious world filled with interesting aromas and strong flavours. Who knew coffee could be so, well, sexy?

Talking of sexy - Husband has lost a tonne of weight. He looks great. Gone is his double chin and pot belly. Granted he isn't at 6 pack status yet - but the guns are out. We are actually going shopping tomorrow so he doesn't look like a homeless man next week when we go to Italy. Did I mention this? If not, I have no idea why not as it is all that has been on my tiny mind since - ohhh, last autumn. My dear mate C is marrying lovely S in Trieste in Italy - in a castle. Next Saturday. And all my fab school buddies are going (well there will be some sorely missed folk who have all had babies recently and cannot make it - we shall toast them in their absence). Most importantly of all we are going alone. As in, sans kids. SANS KIDS!!! My Mum, gawd bless her, is taking the reins and Husband and I are running for the hills - well Stanstead airport - and two nights of pure sleep, adult conversation without interruptions, lie-ins and late night drinking! A lie in, oh my god - I cannot tell you how much that excites me. Of course all we'll do is phone home and talk about the bairns, but we will fit in some obligatory tears at the bride lookin' lovely, some fine prosecco and a few Italian espressos to keep us awake through all the partying.

Wonder if the coffee will be as good as my Nespresso stash? I'll letcha know...

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