Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ouch! Help!

And punch! Kiora! Oh yes - and push - and kick! And to the left and to the right!

And - in the middle of body combat at 8:40am on Monday - I moved too fast to the right and whoosh! Thump! Crash! I was down. Like a sack of spuds - lying on the floor like a complete moron. First thought - get up, maybe no one will have noticed... Second thought - Ow. Ow. Ow. Ankle in agony - no chance of movement. I shuffled on my arse to the side of the class like a wounded animal.

So on Monday when I had planned combat, then trainer, Tues - run, Wed - run, Thurs - boxing and Fri - trainer (all in a bid to get bikini ready next week, as I go to Italy for a wedding, with old schoolmates - and post baby it aint purdey - and the small fact I am running a 5K run in 5 weeks...) I fell over and did this to my ankle:

It still hurts.

I went to hospital - no break - just 'nasty' according to the Docs. I can't run for 2 weeks - which is a bitch when I'm running this 5K...

Now 5K may mean nothing to you - it aint that far, true. But I am not a 'natural runner' according to my mates. That is a gross understatement - I am an asthmatic wheezing foolish heap. I began running for 3 mins (Paula Radcliffe explained how to train for a 5K the other week in the Times) at the end of which I collapsed/had an asthma attack/practically wet myself.

See below - a photo after my first ever run: (I look like the child catcher - maybe redder, I promise you in day to day life I am not so deformed)

As Peter has commented - this is perhaps the worst ever photo of me. Normally I look more like this:

See what running does to me?

Then I got up to 5 mins and now am at 15, then a minute walking and then a 10 min run. Then I want throw up. 5K is a full half hour run - which for me is like walking around the world - twice.

It is all in aid of Cancer Research - as show me someone who hasn't been affected by the big C and I'll show you an empty space. So readers, I have only asked once before (when that nice man last year let me off paying for the damage I did to his car, when he was jumping out of an aeroplane) but I am asking again. If you like this blog, please dig your hands in your pockets - a pound would do. Anything is great. I am running and sweating and going to finish, even with an ankle like a golfball. I promise more hideous pics if you do.

The link to follow:

As the Cancer Research folk say - together we can beat cancer. Be a part of it. Sponsor a tired old mother of two to raise her sweaty butt round a 5K race. If I can do it - anyone can.

Love CM xx


Peter said...

You would never guess that woman used to be a presenter.

Chaos said...

OUCH!!!!! That ankle looks painful.