Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Before Midnight V This is 40

So er... sorry about my total meltdown on Saturday. I've come to the conclusion, that I just don't do tired very well. It had been a bit of a hideous week, with Husband working all hours and me left holding the kids. We were both fractious, over-wrought and generally in bad moods. So it all went a bit pear shaped. But, and there is a but, Sunday rocked.

Husband got up with children; we then went to pitch n putt and played crazy golf in the sunshine. I was typically hopeless. We all trooped to 'spickmetoooooo' (in Sproglette's language) which is Despicable Me 2. It was cute. Sproglette loved it until she fell asleep. Sproglet thought it was hilarious. Me? I just want a Minion. Or several. Husband then whipped up some burgers and we had friends for dinner, who helped hang all kinds of things on our walls that needed hung. All in all, a lovely family day. Phew!

That night, Husband hit the hay and I wanted some light entertainment, nothing too taxing on my foggy brain. Something funny, a bit of relief. So I ordered This is 40. It should have been called This is a pile of shit, don't both watching it, you will never get that time back. It was woeful. If anyone could find the semblance of a story in there, please holler. I think it was about an annoying, cloying couple who were a bit fed up, with something or other. Some kid swearing. The Mum had THE most annoying whiney voice I have EVER heard. Hearing her speak made me want to claw my ears off - let alone the fact all this woman did was moan. I'm not even sure what she was moaning about - something to do with money missing at (I think) the store she owned (but was never at). Her being pregnant again and his business dying. I couldn't tell you, because as I said, there was no plot. No characterisation. No nothing. Certainly nothing about being 40...

The Sunday before, I'd taken a trip by myself to see Before Midnight, the last in the Before Sunrise trilogy. I LOVED it. Mainly because it made me feel COMPLETELY sane. I almost jumped up in the cinema and screamed 'my husband said that very line to me this morning!' Delpy was amazing. As she complained that Jesse assumes little fairies sunscreen the kids, and pack the holiday suitcases, and he defended himself saying 'but you would never trust me to do it!' I knew EXACTLY what she would say next - and she did. She said that if he packed the cases, the kids would arrive with no underwear. How many times have we said the same things to each other? Delpy made me feel completely vindicated, completely sane.

I came dancing home through the door, ready to demand that Husband see this movie, to see that our fights are universal and that NO, I am not crazy. Well, not most of the time anyway. But sadly he was asleep. So I wrote this review on Babble instead. I urge you to go and see it. Maybe it's just one long argument on screen (my colleague who isn't married with kids hated it) and you see enough of all that in your house most nights of the week... But I felt utter relief upon watching it - and before men start wagging their fingers, women aren't portrayed completely as angels. There are two sides to every story.

Talking of Babble, if you feel like clicking over - and I promise you JKelsoFarrell that I've been writing in my own voice, I swear! Here are some blogs I've written:

On who you would pick as celebrity mates... here. and 15 Years of Sex and the City - here. Ok, so I didn't mention Samantha's great line about blow jobs, but still, the rest is very CM. I'm getting more into the swing of it I think... Being me and still fitting their groove...

So, after the storm, there is peace. And I'll never blog mid-meltdown again. For those that emailed/commented though - I thank you. Good to know you're still reading!


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Glad to hear the storm passed. And dead-on with the review of This is 40. Felt like being nagged for two hours. Awful. Looking forward to Before Midnight.

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