Friday, 23 November 2012

A cross on our door

My daughter looks like she has the plague.

It is a nasty case of impetigo... Picked up somehow at nursery, after her dribble rash became infected. Nice. Cream wasn't gonna cut it - seeing as it had spread to her ear. And now to her knee. So she is on antibiotics, 4 times a day - which she refuses to take. Have you tried pinning down a toddler and forcing medicine into them as they kick, spit, writhe and hiss like an alley cat? It aint a picnic I can tell you. She isn't eating - a big old tooth is cutting, so she winces every time she tries to swallow a baked bean - and she has a rotten cold. So our house at the mo - one big joy fest! Plus she is uber clingy - wanting to shove her slobbery poxy (but cute) face into mine.

No really November - you are spoiling me! Sproglet meanwhile is having 'scary dreams' every night and I either wake to hear him trundle in our room, or wake to find him snuggled next to me - wriggling like a worm, giving me not a moment's peace. And people have 3 kids???? Why?

At least I have made a breakthrough with non-communicative-only-emailing-grumpy-man I was dealing with. All it took was a rambling voicemail from me - because you see readers, email is the devil. We read emails and we can't deduce tone or empathy in an email - so we read into things what we will - often things that do not exist. The lovely warm human voice is much better. I am an infinitely better talker than typer. Even if I do wang on a bit. But it isn't his fault - nope, it is that old planet in retrograde I am sure.

This month more than any other I've had miscommunication, lack of response, people saying they'll help only to retract, things breaking, cards declining - the whole shebang. 5 days people - 5 DAYS and then the world will be right again! I am hanging for it I tell you. I am hoping that Dec is my best ever - because at the moment the Xmas spirit hasn't entered our house - and it wouldn't - not with a red cross on the bloody door.

At least tomorrow I'm going to have more needles in me than a pincushion as I am off to acupunture for the first time in over a year and a half. Plus I'm metting a good friend in Lahhdaaaan town - to eat fries and bitch about November and what a cock it has been.

But I must away to cream some pox (those plastic gloves for applying fake tan have really come in handy) and entertain a grumpy almost 2 year old for the day. Joy!



Claire said...

Poor little Sproglette, hope she gets better soon!

Margaret Winter said...

awwwwww hope she gets better soon plus go on my blog,the fad.