Monday, 5 November 2012

The one with.... The Giveaway.

Who didn't love Friends? It may not be the coolest comedy to subscribe to (no Curb, or The Office) - but it had heart. The Ross and Rachel love story spanned ten series - for that alone I salute the writers. Working in drama - I forever come across moments that remind me of a story from a Friends ep; through sheer osmosis I think we all picked up little inflections from the show... who hasn't has a Chandler-ism sprout forth in a moment of pure sarcasm? Really? I mean - Really???

Anyway - I have a giveaway! Again - I am not being paid for this post - and I won't be offering any old tat on this here blog - but Friends has a special place in my heart - so why not? All you have to do to win a limited Edition Friends prize package containing two oversized cappuccino mugs and a picture frame just like the one on Monica’s door ...

Is answer this in the comments below by Nov 28th:

What was the name of Ross and Rachel's daughter? Was it:

A. Emily
B. Emma
C. Rachel


Keenie Beanie said...

B - Emma. The husband and I loved Friends and there are many friends-isms that have become so permanently embedded in our personal lexicon that we barely remember where they came from. Do you recognize any of these?

"He's going to get lotion!"
"I'm very bendy."
"Chicken? I could eat some chicken."
"It Just. Got. Interesting!"
"Let's play Bamboozled"
"On account of my rage..."
"Fried stuff with cheese."
(Singing) "We know, we know, we know"

sarahlouisa said...

Fantastic prize! The answer is B. Emma!

Lyn B said...

I love Friends but then again who doesn't? :) It's such an iconic show.

Answer: B. Emma

Jan Atkinson said...

The answer is B. Emma

Thanks for the chance to win, I love this show x

Louise Bowman said...

OMG great prizes. Excited much!

B. Emma

anna brown said...

b - emma

Rachel "How many centimeters am I dilated? Eight? Nine?"
Dr "Three"
Ross "Just three? I'm dilated three!"

Love Friends :)

Mama Syder said...

Great Comp! The answer is B - Emma
Love Friends @mamamakes

Julia said...

B. Emma

This is a great giveaway

Crummy Mummy said...

And the winner is...... Keene beanie! Number pulled out of husband's mind was 1. Keenie can you email me your address details and I can pass on to the folk in charge of this competition and your prize will be winging it's way to you!! I need those details by 27th! Thanks. And thanks to all who entered. Xx