Tuesday, 13 November 2012

No, I haven't had a sex change, but thanks for asking.

The great thing about Facebook and all those friends of old, god bless them, is that when you least expect it - your past comes back to haunt you.

So you wake up, flick on over to your Home page and voila! The horror. The horror. It's your mate's 40th and some old chum from school has put up a photo of you aged 13/14 (?) to celebrate.  Long before boys discovered you, (wonder why...) or you discovered make up. And a good haircut. A colleague genuinely asked me this week, upon seeing this photo - if I had in fact had a sex change. I am the girl, yes girl, who looks like a boy - at the front.


brittanymum said...

those were the good ole days! ;)

anna brown said...

The title of the post had me laughing!